Disney Replaces Actor Who Spoiled WandaVision Surprise

Even though rumors had circled for a while that Evan Peters undisclosed role in WandaVision was as Pietro, Marvel Studios still considered this moment to be a major spoiler in the plot of the show. While it’s unclear how impactful Martin’s post was, his reveal made enough noise on social media to lead to his removal from Marvel’s first Disney+ series.

Cinexcepcion has noted that Spanish voiceover actor Rodri Martin was replaced as the Spanish voice of Pietro Maximoff on Marvel Studios’ WandaVision.
A few weeks ago, Martin had revealed on social media not only that he would be doing the Spanish voiceover for Evan Peters, but that he would be returning as Quicksilver in the MCU. Martin previously did the voiceover for the same character in the X-Men movies that featured Peters’ Quicksilver

WandaVision is finding a way to take the story to new levels every week, but the Pietro reveal tops the list of mind-blowing moments thus far in the WandaVision journey. Rumors are still floating around that this may not be Pietro truly coming back to life, but the fact alone that Peters is reprising the character from the X-Men movies is more than enough to send fans into a frenzy.

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