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Transformers Movie Reported Story Details Tease Bumblebee & Beast Wars Connections

Transformers badly needs a box office win. Bumblebee was well received by critics, but largely got wiped out at the box office by Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns. The film made money, but not on the level of the most successful of the Bay films.

According to The Illuminerdi, the next film currently has a working title of Transformers: Beast Alliance. It’s being described as a globe-spanning heist adventure set in the same continuity as the Bumblebee movie, and will take place in the 1990s. Hailee Steinfeld will reportedly not return, as the film is looking to cast a new lead human character.

Integrating some of the Beast Wars mythology into the next film is a great way to tell new, different stories than the Bay films while celebrating the series considered to be the pinnacle of the franchise. It remains to be seen exactly how Beast Wars will be folded into the next film, but it’s a promising first step.

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