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Will Smith Cast in David Leitch’s Spy Thriller Fast & Loose

Despite a mix of hits and misses over the last few years, Smith remains one of the industry’s most well-liked and respected actors. Fans are likely eager to see the movie star shine in a vehicle that properly showcases his on-screen presence.

Deadline reports that Smith has just been cast in Fast & Loose. Leitch has also agreed to direct in addition to producing. Smith’s casting in Emancipation has generated buzz around the actor that Fast & Loose is now benefitting from. The project is currently the subject of a wbidding war among streaming services and major studios including Sony, Warner Bros., Paramount, MGM. Smith’s company Westbrook Studios will also produce alongside Leitch with 87North. Jon and Eric Hoeber wrote the script for the thriller developed by STXFilms.

Leitch seems to have a knack for balancing big personalities with action-heavy plots; both Deadpool 2 and Hobbs & Shaw star charismatic comedic actors (Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson). Hopefully, that experience will serve Leitch in determining how best to use Smith’s charisma in the thriller-drama

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