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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Theory Suggests Thanos Is Baron Zemo’s Inspiration

While Baron Zemo’s new appearance will certainly get comic fans giddy with excitement, general audiences may find it a bit harder to get behind his new look. u/TheVice’s theory would help to alleviate this, giving an in-universe reason for a shift in the villain’s costume. If Zemo hates superheroes so much, why would he want to look at a super-person himself?

Reddit user u/theVice poses the theory that Baron Zemo was inspired by Thanos’ appearance for his new mask, indicated by the purple color with vertical lining.
According to this idea, as Zemo believed that he had ‘won’ against the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, he donned the Mad Titan’s look (the only other villain to overcome Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) as a means to taunt them.Perhaps Thanos could indeed serve as an inspiration for Zemo’s motivations. The Mad Titan wanted to achieve balance on a universal scale, but perhaps Zemo is more interested in leveling the playing field solely for superheroes.

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