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Zack Snyder’s Justice League: New Darkseid Merchandise Shows Villain on Throne

Though presumably not as ergonomic as one would hope, Darkseid’s throne has an interesting design that reflects the villain’s alien homeworld of Apokolips. It will be interesting to see how this design ethos extends to the rest of the production design for the film and whether fans will see the fiery planet at all.

In a recently released merchandise listing on DC Comics’ online store, new promotional artwork from Zack Snyder’s Justice League depicts Darkseid upon his throne.

The design shows a calculating Darkseid as Parademons hover around him. The villain’s name is emblazoned on the top of the artwork, the font matching the gritty interpretations that Zack Snyder strives for.
The Justice League logo from the film is also seen, colored golden to match the rest of the artwork.

The inclusion of a notable piece of furniture in the promotional artwork would seem to suggest this though, indicating that Apokolips could get a bit more screen time than some would expect. This is especially true as Darkseid seems calculating and conniving in this image, putting his intellectual fortitude on display.

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