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Dave Bautista Indicates He’s Already Done Filming Drax Scenes For ‘Thor:Love and Thunder’

While it’s not exactly a confirmation, Bautista’s departure from Australia seems to suggest he has completed filming on the project. With COVID-19 guidelines for film production requiring strict quarantines among the cast and crew, it’s unlikely Bautista would be returning to the States for a brief trip unless it was a one-way.

An image posted by Drax actor Dave Bautista on his Instagram story made reference to his “face of jet lag,” suggesting that the actor has just taken a long-distance flight. This likely points toward the actor having just returned to the states from his filming on Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia, indicating he has wrapped production on his scenes with Chris Hemsworth and crew.

It’s entirely possible different members of the Guardians team will have different sized roles in the film with Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord likely to have the biggest considering he is the main character of the GOTG crew. Bautista only began filming less than a month ago, so his completion this soon after would seem to suggest the team will play a relatively minor role in the film.

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