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HBO Max Boss Addresses DC Superheroes ‘Brand Confusion’ With On-Screen Franchises

No matter how hard they try to distinguish themselves, DC flicks will always be compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As comic publishers, the two are the leading names in the superhero business, so it’s only natural for viewers to juxtapose the companies on screen.
That being said, DC is very different from Marvel considering how the company has multiple unique series and universes simultaneously running on various mediums. This leads to multiple versions of their biggest heroes all airing

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, HBO Chief Casey Bloys addressed DC’s multiple universes, noting that Warner Bros. is working to make their content based on DC properties more streamlined going forward with multiple franchises.
Bloys described how WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff is making it a priority to organize these projects better, in a way that “make(s) sure that the universe is logical and makes sense.”:

I just started to get involved with the DC content in August. Peacemaker is one of the first shows I greenlit and one of the first shows coming out, in January 2022. It’s a great example of what HBO Max can do with DC content in that we’re producing at al level we haven’t seen DC content on TV do thus far. It’s been one of [WarnerMedia CEO] Ann Sarnoff’s priorities to organize the DC world for exactly what you’re talking about — to make sure that the universe is logical and makes sense. She talks about the flywheel: that the movies speak to the TV shows that speak to the movies — that it’s all connected.

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