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Marvel’s Black Panther 2 Casting Hints at Warrior Battles

Black Panther II is set to expand on the legacy of Wakanda more so than its protector in the next movie, although there are no specific plot points describing how that will be done yet.

According to a new exclusive from POC Culture, Marvel Studios is looking to cast two Mayan, indigenous characters named “Zyanya” and “Cadmael” into a future Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.
The first role is described as female, between 20 and 40 years old, and being a fierce warrior. Extensive physical training is expected for the actress who takes the role.
The second is male, also between 20 and 40 years old, and fight experience is preferred for this one as well. The description is of someone six feet tall or taller, powerful, strong, and loyal.
Both roles are looking for people with North and South American Indigenous backgrounds.
Murphy’s Multiverse later indicated that these roles are likely to be some kind of warriors in next year’s Black Panther II.

In terms of the actual casting, this will be a fantastic way to get more representation into the MCU, especially after Alaqua Cox is kicking things off for indigenous characters as Echo in Hawkeye. As for what role they will play in the movie, it’s difficult to pin down specifics

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