The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Stuntman Describes Each Episode as a Mini Movie

With WandaVision, the MCU has already pushed the boundaries of television, existing as both a recreation of shows throughout history while also heading toward what seems to be an action-packed climax. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier seems poised to do something similar, offering audiences an experience more on par with the spectacle of a blockbuster than your typical television show.

In an interview with Matt Ramos on the Supes YouTube channel, Aaron Toney, Anthony Mackie’s stunt double for The Falcon in the upcoming series, opened up about his experience with the show and the surprising depth of each episode

“When we get Falcon and The Winter Soldier… They’re mini movies… It’s a bunch of mini movies, man, and it’s, like, each one is just its own box of stuff… They are dense… For the last nine months, I literally felt like I was running a marathon because we were constantly just doing big set pieces of action… It’s not gonna be like TV series. It’s literally like a movie. ‘Here’s mini-movie one, mini-movie two, up until the end. It’s [perfect hand gesture].”

Toney’s interview indicates more than just massive scale though, also hinting at a consistency of action within the show. Unlike previous Marvel shows, which maybe featured a big action scene every couple of episodes, it seems as though The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will put the pedal to the metal and not let up until the end.

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