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Fast & Furious 9 Reportedly Could Be Delayed Another Year

Other movies like the Bond film No Time to Die have of course already made up their minds to abandon the first half of 2021 and delay release until the COVID pandemic hopefully is finally over and people are ready to return to theaters.

As reported by Variety, Fast & Furious studio Universal is currently in wait-and-see mode about releasing the newest franchise installment this summer and could potentially delay it until later in the year or all the way to 2022. Disney is currently in the same place with Black Widow, as the entire movie industry holds its breath over the summer 2021 season.

But even when theaters fully re-open, will fans want to re-embrace the theatrical experience after getting a taste of blockbuster movies being made available at home as they’re also rolling out in theaters? It’s a dilemma all studios will have to deal with as they decide what to do with tentpole movies like Fast & Furious 9.

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