10 Easter Eggs & Plot Details From New Trailer For ZackSnyder’s Justice Leauge!

Overall, it’s evident that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be packed with DCEU lore and callbacks, reminding everyone of the director’s true vision for the franchise. It’s unknown if the Snyderverse will continue after the film’s HBO Max debut, but it’s safe to say that this version will deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for any DC fan that will be watching.
Zack Snyder’s Justice League will exclusively arrive on HBO Max on March 18, 2021.

10.The KnightMare Standoff B/W Batman and Joker

Joker’s “we live in a society” line is a clear reference to the meme that has been closely tied to the character in recent years, and it’s fitting that the villain gets to say it in his surprise DCEU return. Knowing full well that this will stir up conversation on social media, Snyder’s clever addition of this Easter egg might solely be for fan service, but it’s also possible that it was included to propel Leto’s version of the character to greater heights.

9.Tribute to Supes

Interestingly, Snyder already confirmed that this will serve as the opening sequence of his Justice League, admitting that “it’s part of the way the credits are rendered.” In a way, this scene is fitting since it provides a reminder that this is the director’s version of the DCEU.

8.Alternate take on “Histroy” Lesson

It’s all but confirmed that a different iteration of the history lesson sequence will be featured in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and the shot above is a prime example of that. Given the four-hour runtime of the film, it seems that an extended look at Darkseid’s first invasion on Earth will be showcased.

7.New Shots of Knightmare Batman

Given that the Knightmare sequence is one of the most intriguing moments from Dawn of Justice, it’s exciting to finally see its return in this version of Justice League. It’s appropriate that the first shot from the mysterious timeline is Ben Affleck’s Batman, serving as a nod to Knightmare’s introduction in the 2016 film. It seems that the Dark Knight is scouting the fleet that was (potentially) sent by Darkseid to Earth.


The first full look at Apokolips is shown in all its glory in this trailer, featuring Darkseid, Granny Goodness, and Desaad walking down the aisle while a horde of parademons pay their respect. This scene could primarily establish the threat of Darkseid from the get-go, and the villain could be seen sending Steppenwolf to Earth to investigate if a certain Kryptonian is really dead.

5.Daina The Investigator

In what appears to be an extended shot of the very first teaser for the Snyder Cut, Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince uncovers the truth behind Darkseid and Apokolips from a secret shine beneath an unidentified ruin.

4.All New All Different SteppenWolf

This sequence provides a clean look at the much-improved design of Steppenwolf that was heavily teased by Snyder in the past months. This version of the villain is more menacing from the theatrical cut, with him taking down the Amazons with ease.

3.Knightmare Cyborg?

It is hard to confirm if this is the first look at the Knightmare timeline’s Cyborg, but the background appears to hint that this is the case. It’s interesting to note that Victor still resembles his look from the main timeline in this shot, but it’s safe to say that this is a red herring from Snyder to ultimately hide the actual design of the character in this apocalyptic setting.

2. Kent’s Cameo

Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent shows up as a brief cameo, but not in a way everyone expected. Before Superman’s resurrection, a picture of Jonathan was dropped from the conducive amniotic fluid of the Kryptonian Scout Ship from Dawn Of Justice.

1. IrisWest Saved By Barry

Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West was unceremoniously scrapped from the theatrical cut of Justice League, but the actress returns in exciting fashion in the Snyder Cut. In this scene, it shows Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen saving Iris from a car crash, and this could be the first hint of the pair’s romance coming into fruition in the film.

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