American Horror Story Season 10 Is For Longtime Fans, Says Lily Rabe

American Horror Story may or may not have gone off the rails in its later seasons. While the series’ first few entries were solid riffs on the horror genre, anything after season three has been largely met with divisive reactions.

While Rabe couldn’t reveal details about the new season, the actress did tell Collider that longtime fans of American Horror Story will be happy with season 10. Rabe says that her character in the upcoming season is unlike anyone she’s ever played before, going on to say that she’s enjoying working through the character with her fellow cast members. Rabe goes on to say that while new fans will love the upcoming season, it’s the longtime fans of American Horror Story that will truly appreciate the new season.

I can say that the person I’m playing on this season is nothing like anyone I’ve played on the show before, and I am having such a wonderful time with her and with my fellow actors. I love this season. I love this season. I think new fans of the show will love this season, but the longtime fans of the show, I just can’t wait to share this season with them. There’s something about it – I wish I could say more.

American Horror Story: 1984 seemed to be a return to form for the series, so let’s hope Murphy can keep up the hot streak. Now that American Horror Story season 10 has a massive budget, it seems as if anything is possible for the new entry. With a returning cast of AHS veterans, season 10 is shaping up to hopefully be more in line with what longtime fans of the show know and love.

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