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Spider-Man 3 Reportedly Casts Arian Moayed as Detective Character

This casting likely ties back to a casting exclusive from the Illuminerdi from December 2020 that spoke of a call for an unnamed detective role, for which the studios were looking for a BIPOC in a fluid age range. While neither of these reports reveals who exactly the character is, Moayed appears to be set to fill this slot and play a potentially interesting role in this massive blockbuster.

Murphy’s Multiverse recently revealed that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have cast Iranian-American actor Arian Moayed as an unnamed detective in the untitled Spider-Man 3. The article also says that Moayed has already filmed some of his scenes for the Phase 4 movie
One of the sub-plots of Spider-Man 3 will pick up directly from the end of 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home when J. Jonah Jameson revealed that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, framing him for the murder of Mysterio. This detective will most likely be on the hunt for the web-slinger to try to bring him to justice, although Peter clearly has much bigger problems on his sticky hands to deal with.

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