The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Star Compares WandaVision To Upcoming Series’ Surprises

WandaVision is already proving to be the craziest project the MCU has ever brought to life, giving fans new surprises at nearly every turn through its first six weeks. While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will assuredly be much more down-to-earth, it should be just as exciting to find out what kind of surprises are in store for the new team-up show.

In an exclusive interview with E! Online, MCU star Emily VanCamp teased some of what to expect in Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier when it arrives next month.
VanCamp was asked if viewers can expect the same twists and turns that WandaVision has offered through its six episodes so far. VanCamp confirmed that the series adopts “elements” of the surprises which make up WandaVision’s narrative while saying that it will largely incorporate the “good old-fashioned action that people love” from past MCU movies. The Sharon Carter actress also revealed that there are “multiple levels” that fans should expect to see in this new adventure that share similarities with what WandaVision is doing today.

“I think there are elements of that, but I also think that you can kind of count on just good old-fashioned action that people love from those movies. There are multiple levels to Falcon and Winter Soldier that I think people will appreciate.”

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