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Zack Snyder Teases Powers of Henry Cavill’s Black Superman Suit

Snyder’s comments indicate that a comic-accurate take for the black suit is in the cards for his Justice League, and this should bode well for longtime fans of Superman. After only being featured in several animated projects, the black suit’s live-action debut is a major moment for the DC hero, and it’s fitting that a passionate director like Snyder will handle how this plot point will be adapted.

In an interview with I Minutemen, Justice League director Zack Snyder shared how the black suit of Superman in his cut will be similar to the Recovery Suit from the comics.
When asked if the suit will have the same function compared to the comics, Snyder revealed that it will be “implied,” and fans will see a “little bit” of how it will play out. For those unaware, the black suit grants some protection and absorbs solar energy to speed Clark’s regeneration after his resurrection.

Further, when the director was asked about the costume’s connection to 2013’s Man of Steel and Krypton in general, Snyder explained that the black suit is linked “to [Clark’s Kryptonian] family” while his traditional blue suit “represents his kind of place on Earth:”

“It’s interesting because…the black suit. Uh, you can say that in modern Krypton when he left, everyone was wearing a black suit. Mostly. It is sort of linked to his, in some ways, to his old world. I think it is [a] more direct relationship to his family. In a lot of ways, the blue suit to me represents his kind of place on Earth. The blue suit is his suit of a hero, the suit of his destiny, where like the black suit is more personal in a lot of ways. [It’s] more about his family. The one is outward and the one is inward. Let’s put it this way. It’s always my intention with the larger arc of the movies to realize that more completely, but you’ll get a sense of it here.”

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