The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Creator Messed Up His Pitch To Marvel’s Kevin Feige

Since the original slate of five series were announced, Marvel Studios has followed with eight more series confirmed for the service which will span both new and old Marvel characters for the MCU.

During an interview with TVLine, The Falcon and the Winter Solider creator Malcolm Spellman described his disastrous first meeting with Kevin Feige.
As Marvel began to develop their first set of original projects for Disney+, Kevin Feige and his team took a limited number of meetings from Hollywood creators. An extremely selected group of writers were chosen by the studio to develop their pitch alongside a Marvel executive.

“He heard what I wanted to do, that I wanted [race] to be part of the story very prominently, and I think he knew it was right.”

With so many creative forces coming up with ideas of an assortment of major characters from the Marvel universe, it’s interesting to contemplate what could have been.

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