Gotham HBO Max Spin-Off Casting Detective Characters

With shooting seemingly just a few months away, fans likely aren’t far off learning more about the upcoming series, likely seeing confirmation of which actors will be taking up these unnamed roles.

An exclusive report from The Illuminerdi has revealed information from their sources regarding the casting of two lead characters for the Gotham PD series.
The series is said to star a black female lead who will be aged between 35 and 45. The character is said to be a former detective for the GCPD, now taking up the position of district attorney for Gotham City.
Meanwhile, the male lead of the show will be a white detective working under Commissioner James Gordon, aged from 30 to 40.
Gotham PD has currently yet to set an official title, but The Illuminerdi confirms the storyline will tie directly into Matt Reeves’ The Batman and will begin shooting this Summer.

While these descriptions are fairly vague, making it hard to determine who these characters are for sure, it’s been speculated the two may be Janice Porter and Marcus Driver, who both originate from the Gotham Central comic series.

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