Justice League Originally Had Romance Between Batman & Lois Lane

This reveal by Snyder is sure to be seen as odd by many and may lead a lot of fans to further criticize his handling of the DC lore.
It’s not surprising why Warner Bros. would choose to nix an idea like this from Snyder as the romance between Clark Kent and Lois Lane has long been a key part of Superman lore. A film on the scale of Justice League would likely bring in a lot of new fans to the universe, just as The Avengers did for the MCU.

In a recent interview, Snyder spoke with Vanity Fair regarding details of his plans for a romance between Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane in Justice League, however, Warner Bros. quickly shut them down. Amy Adam’s iconic love interest to the Man of Steel would have still been mourning Superman’s death from the previous film, leading Bruce Wayne to want to “bring Superman back to life,” according to Snyder:

“The intention was that Bruce fell in love with Lois and then realized that the only way to save the world was to bring Superman back to life.”

The Justice League director went on to explain a speech Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne would’ve given to Alfred in the film of his desire for a “life outside the cave:”

“So he had this insane conflict, because Lois, of course, was still in love with Superman. We had this beautiful speech where [Bruce] said to Alfred: ‘I never had a life outside the cave. I never imagined a world for me beyond this. But this woman makes me think that if I can get this group of gods together, then my job is done. I can quit. I can stop.’ And of course that doesn’t work out for him.”

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