Marvel Studios Reportedly Near Disbelief Over MCU Eternals Movie’s High Quality

Director Chloé Zhao is getting tons of praise for her most recent film, Nomadland, which is widely considered an awards-season front-runner. Eternals is her first foray into blockbuster directing, and many fans have been excited to see just how she’ll fare in making the jump.

Fans are looking for any news on Eternals they can get right now. Fortunately, a tweet from Awards Ace editor-in-chief Erick Weber – known as a reputable source in the film community – has shared a tidbit he recently heard about the movie.
Weber stated that a “high-level” source of his told him that Zhao “‘crushed'” her work on The Eternals. Not only that, but Marvel Studios is said to be “‘almost in disbelief'” about just how well Eternals has turned out.

Given Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige’s high praise for her Eternals pitch, this early positive buzz should not come as a surprise. It’s possible that Zhao could end up bringing Marvel into the awards season conversation with the film, following in the footsteps of Black Panther’s “Best Picture” nomination at the Oscars held in 2019.

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