Marvel Studios Reportedly Planning Big Hero Six Characters For MCU Debut

Looking at the immediate future of what Marvel Studios is planning, it seems safe to say that the characters from Big Hero 6 were not on most fans’ radar.

A new exclusive from DisInsider has revealed that Marvel Studios is reportedly planning to introduce characters from the Disney animated film Big Hero 6 into the MCU. There is no confirmation of any specific characters or news regarding the projects in which they will be introduced. However, it’s expected that at least Baymax and Hiro will be adapted to live-action.
The outlet also reports that MCU projects like Secret Invasion, Agents of Atlas, and Doctor Strange were tossed around for potential movies and shows that these characters could be introduced in, though nothing is confirmed in that regard.

The Disney film was a fairly big success upon its release in 2014 with a box office return of over $650 million. The story of Hiro and Baymax even bled into a spin-off series that’s on its third season, and Disney+ is actively developing a Baymax spin-off premiering on the streaming network this Fall.

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