The Mandalorian Initially Used Han Solo Location From Star Wars Original Trilogy

As cool as it would have been to see Docking Bay 94 again, this likely would have been a bit too much as far as nostalgia goes for one episode. As is, “Chapter 5” already features the Mos Eisley cantina, Tusken Raiders, Dewbacks, and several establishing shots of Tatooine that are direct mirrors of those seen in A New Hope.

Concept artist Anton Grandert revealed that the hangar seen in The Mandalorian on Tatooine was originally conceived to be Docking Bay 94, the location where Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon is parked in A New Hope.

“Here’s a location I helped design for Chapter 5 of the Mandalorian. The original idea was to make this location Docking Bay 94, so I looked a lot at A New Hope for reference. Later this was changed, and we shrunk this area. I also tried recreating the entrance to the Docking Bay from epIV, and also worked on a layout for the streets above.”
While one more nod to the film that started it all probably couldn’t have hurt too much, Favreau and Filoni likely decided that they’d be pushing things too far in the “Star Wars’ Greatest Hits” direction. Still, the idea that Docking Bay 94 could have made an appearance is exciting, and fans would be lying if they said they didn’t pay extra close attention to the number marking the hangar to see if it was indeed the same location as the Millennium Falcon’s former parking space.

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