Ian Somerhalder Doesn’t Want A Vampire Diaries Season 9 Revival

When taking into account the enduring affection fans hold for The Vampire Diaries, it makes sense that rumors of a revival or a reboot have lingered over the years.

In a radio interview on Andy Cohen Live, Ian Somerhalder responded to online rumors that a season nine could take place if he and Nina Dobrev greenlit the season. He explained, “I have not heard anything about a season nine…I mean, like, what would happen? Stefan and Damon…Damon has, like, gray hair and…they have canes?” When Andy Cohen laughed, noting the resilience of The Vampire Diaries and its overall pop culture impact, Somerhalder enthusiastically agreed. He acknowledged, “Listen, it ran a great course and now it’s still living. That’s what’s so amazing. It’s still living.”

The CW show left a major imprint on the pop culture landscape, not only leaning into the vampire mania that pervaded the mid-aughts, but also re-imagining a familiar supernatural world with a fast-paced, provocative story that wrestled with issues of human nature, violence, and love. Even after its completion, the characters live on as grand myths in spinoff series and books

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