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James Gunn Rumored To Be Working on DC Project About Superman’s Dog Krypto

While a dedicated project for Krypto the Superdog may seem like a weird choice at first, it may be a perfect fit for James Gunn. He has previously seen great success bringing a talking tree and raccoon to life in Guardians of the Galaxy, so the project would likely play to his strengths.

During an Instagram Q&A, James Gunn has shared some teases about his future projects at DC. The director was asked by a fan “Are you working on other projects at DC outside of Peacemaker/The Suicide Squad?” To which he responded “Maybe just a little. One toe dipped in.”

Update: James Gunn has responded to The Direct’s own Tweet, stating that while he “considered Krypto at the same time [he] considered The Suicide Squad,” the rumor that he’s currently working on a Krypto project “isn’t true

Following up on this, Murphy’s Multiverse reported on the quote by sharing an unverified rumor they have heard regarding Gunn’s DC future. The scooper claims Krypto the Superdog is rumored to be at the center of the DC project that Gunn is delving into next.

When Gunn jumped ship to DC, he was offered a choice of pretty much any project he wanted, and it’s been reported in the past that one of the projects he was at one point interested in was Superman. Logically, it makes sense the GOTG director may want to do something in the Kryptonian family.

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