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WandaVision Star Wants Superhero Romance Between Monica Rambeau & Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel is the superhero name for a brilliant Marvel Comics scientist named Adam Brashear, a brilliant physicist who had an accident with mutagenic radiation, gaining incredible powers. His superhuman abilities are quite similar in nature to both Monica Rambeau’s and Carol Danvers’, and he is quickly rising as one of the more popular characters on the comic page.

In a new interview with Eman’s Movie Review on YouTube, WandaVision star Teyonah Parris was asked what aspect of Monica Rambeau’s character from Marvel Comics she would like to see adapted into the MCU. Parris touched on Monica’s “love interest with Blue Marvel,” who she seems very passionate about seeing this relationship pan out in a Marvel Studios project someday:

You have her love interest with Blue Marvel. You know, that was around, that was a thing, that was pretty spicy. That would be cute [in the MCU].”

He and Monica Rambeau have a connection through their mutual inclusion in Marvel’s Ultimates alongside heroes like the Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and America Chavez. This team has even been rumored to come to life within the MCU over the past couple of years, although there are plenty of variables that would have to come into play for this to happen.

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