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Brie Larson Says Thanos Cheated In Avengers: Endgame’s Final Battle

Avengers: Endgame plays host to a lot of interesting debates from the MCU fandom, and it’s clear that one of them is about the topic of the strongest Avenger. This isn’t a surprise considering that every hero is present in the final battle, and comparisons are sure to be made.

In a meet-and-greet event from the University of California, via Twitter, Brie Larson opened up why she thinks Captain Marvel is the strongest Avenger in the MCU.
While answering this question, the award-winning actress pointed out that Carol Danvers being the strongest is “just facts,” and she is “just going to keep starting that rumor:”

“I mean obviously, I think I’m the strongest one ’cause I’m just going to keep starting that rumor. Why is it Captain Marvel? I didn’t know. I didn’t write it. It is just how it is. It’s just facts. I don’t make up these facts.”

When further pressed if she really thinks Danvers is the most formidable hero, Larson insisted that the character is, claiming that “Thanos cheated” during the final battle of Avengers: Endgame.
The rising MCU star then shared that the debate on which MCU character is really the strongest is “such a fun game to play,” admitting that she is always going to be biased when it comes to giving the Captain Marvel character an advantage:

“Yeah, I mean listen. It’s such a fun game to play. I love the question ’cause I obviously like uh the tongue-in-cheek thing with Chris Hemsworth about it because he said that he is the strongest one, so it’s all fun. I honestly think that whoever character you love is the strongest, but I’m biased, I’m going to say it’s me.”
Larson’s comments indicate that she chose Captain Marvel due to the character’s comic-book roots, which is a good starting point when laying out facts during a debate. If anything, this goes to show the passion of the actress towards her MCU hero.

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