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Marvel Studios Head Comments Suggest Blade Movie Won’t Be Rated-R

The R-Rating for Deadpool 3 is already a given, but many would argue that the same should be true for Blade. As it is, Feige’s statement is not absolute, and the fact that the topic is still open for discussion should bode well for the vampire-focused MCU project.

Aaron Couch of The Hollywood Reporter shared that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige admitted that there are still no plans to explore R-rated content for the MCU other than Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3.
If there is a story that requires an R-rating, the Marvel chief pointed out that they would still be open to discuss it behind-the-scenes.

It would be a missed opportunity for Blade to not have an R-rating, especially considering the long history of the character of dealing with mature content. The blood-and-guts approach combined with the supernatural elements of Blade in the pages of Marvel Comics managed to propel the hero to greater heights, and this was further proven by Wesley Snipes’ previous live-action iteration of the vampire.

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