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Zack Snyder Confirms Knightmare Premise of Planned Justice Leauge Sequel

Zack Snyder has continued to build up his Knightmare version of the future in Batman v Superman and, now, Justice League, so it makes sense that this would be the direction for a sequel to the Snyder Cut. Darkseid would be the natural progression for a villain, but completely decimating the landscape of the world is a bold choice for a setting. With little of the Earth left to save, it would be interesting to see how Snyder would push this post-apocalyptic concept further.

During IGN’s Fan Fest, Zack Snyder discussed his ideas for a Justice League 2, saying his sequel would be set in Batman’s post-apocalyptic Knightmare version of the future seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
The director also confirmed that Darkseid was very much intended to be a “sequel bad guy,” though he reassured fans that “he definitely is in full effect [in The Snyder Cut]. He’s running the show. He’s there. I don’t want to, again, spoil it but, yeah, he’s definitely there.”

If this is truly where the director would intend to make a sequel, this could indeed mark a tragic end for the Justice League in Snyder’s new version. The theatrical cut ended in the DC heroes triumphing over evil, but a Knightmare premise would require a Darkseid invasion to occur. Perhaps Zack Snyder will double down on his dark and gritty tone by having the World’s Finest lose to Steppenwolf and the forces of Apokolips.

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