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Godzilla vs. Kong’s Aircraft Carrier Fight Scene is 18 Minutes Long

The fight scene teased in this clip was of course also previewed in the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer released in January. In that trailer, it’s revealed that Kong and Godzilla get into it on the deck of the aircraft carrier, until Godzilla decides to blow up the vessel with his atomic breath.

As it turns out that just-released taste of the naval-ship-trashing high seas battle between Kong and Godzilla was indeed a small one, as the actual sequence from the movie clocks in at an epic 18 minutes. The true length of the fight scene was confirmed by Godzilla vs. Kong composer Junkie XL during an appearance on the Film Junkee Vodka Stream. Junkie XL said:

I’m not going to say how this thing ends but there’s some spectacular…and then so, this scene that was released today, was it on IGN? Forty seconds of footage? That scene is 18 minutes long and it’s ridiculous.

Kong narrowly escapes death via atomic breath by leaping into the water, where he and Godzilla presumably continue to go at it. But that’s just part of the action in a sequence that, if it really is 18 minutes long, may go down in history as one of the great CGI monster battles. It remains to be seen who ultimately wins that battle, but if the entirety of Godzilla vs. Kong lives up to the excitement created by the small snippets that have thus far been revealed, the real winners will be fans of giant monster movies.

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