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Disney CEO Hints at Marvel & Star Wars Movies Getting Shorter Theatrical Windows

With huge franchises like Star Wars and Marvel at their disposal, Disney doesn’t need to artificially inflate demand with drawn-out waiting periods between theatrical and digital releases. By shortening the time movies spend in cinemas, as well as the gap between the move to streaming, Disney can keep audiences engaged while also driving them to Disney+, an increasingly important concern for the company.

Speaking at an investor conference hosted by Morgan Standley, Disney CEO Bob Chapek shed some light on the company’s approach to the future of theatrical releases, as a significant portion of their business revolves around their blockbusters in popular franchises like Marvel and Star Wars.

Commenting on the possible impatience generated by a year without theaters, Chapek noted that future audiences won’t “have much of a tolerance for a title, say, being out of theatrical for months…just sort of sitting there, gathering dust.”
Commenting on viewing habits during the pandemic, the Disney figurehead also mentioned that he’s “not sure there’s going back.”

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