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Bo-Katan Star Talks The Mandalorian Spin-Off Potential

Bo-Katan’s story is at an interesting point where there are several places in the timeline worthy of exploring the character, but she’s not necessarily the central focus of any of the events.

During an interview with, actress Katee Sackhoff said she would be happy to play Bo-Katan Kryze in her own spin-off series:

“It’s an interesting thing, because I love Bo and, selfishly, as the performer that gets to play her, I’m like, ‘Sure, let’s do this.”

A good example of this would be her role in the final arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Kryze enlisted the help of Ahsoka Tano and the Republic to capture Maul and reclaim Mandalore, but the heart of that story belonged to Tano and Captain Rex. The same can be said for her appearance in The Mandalorian, in which she happens upon Din Djarin and provides aid in his journey, but has plans of her own that collide with his.

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