WandaVision’s Episode 10 Rumor Debunked

As Shakman himself points out, the week after the finale for WandaVision, the first episode of Assembled will be covering the show and its development. More than likely, “Episode 10” referred to Anduze appearing in the Assembled episode about WandaVision and not a literal tenth episode of the series. Admittedly, many fans jumped the gun on this information due to grids and resumes turning out to be true regarding there being at least nine episodes.

In an interview with Screen Rant, director Matt Shakman was asked about the recent theory of a tenth episode for WandaVision waiting in the wings, to which Shakman had no knowledge, “No, I haven’t heard this theory. No.”

“I know there was a Making Of episode the following week, so there’s some continuing WandaVision in the Disney+ world the following week. But we’re wrapping up our show.”

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