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Marvel Studios’ X-Men Reboot Gets Mutant-Centric Working Title

With the massive slate currently announced for Marvel Studios taking the MCU through till 2023, fans may be waiting a while before The Mutants hits theaters.

An exclusive scoop from The Illuminerdi has revealed the first post-Fox merger X-Men movie is currently in the works at Marvel Studios. The MCU debut of the mutants is currently being produced as a feature film reboot of the X-Men franchise. The project is reportedly being developed under Marvel CCO Kevin Feige with the working title of The Mutants.
No further details are currently known regarding the highly anticipated project, however, fans can more than likely expect the film to release after the currently announced slate up through 2023.

It’s been speculated for some time that the studio may abandon the traditional X-Men name for the team, a move the studio seems to be following. The team may earn the iconic name throughout their MCU tenure but initially, it seems Xavier’s team name may be left behind.

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