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Space Jam 2 Features Cameos From Other WB Franchises

Indeed the Space Jam franchise is itself very nostalgic for fans of NBA basketball and 1990s Hollywood movies. It of course remains to be seen how fans of the original movie react to the new film with its many changes large and small. There’s bound to be a big Space Jam vs. Space Jam 2 debate among fans, just as there’s already a massive fight between basketball junkies over whether Jordan or James should be considered the greatest player of all time.

As revealed by the movie’s director Malcolm D. Lee, the sequel’s plot involves James being sucked into Warner Bros.’ servers and finding himself visiting other works from the studio’s history. Lee enthused to EW, “It was a tricky thing just in terms of what you may want, like, ‘Oh my God, look, there’s Mad Max, and there’s Casablanca!'” In addition to finding himself dropped into the worlds of other Warner Bros. movies, James also encounters WB characters as spectators at the movie’s climactic basketball game

Space Jam 2 may help James surpass Jordan as the GOAT when it comes to basketball movies, but if he pulls it off, it sounds like he’ll have a lot of help from more than just the Looney Tunes. Mad Max or Rick Blaine from Casablanca popping up in the world of Space Jam 2 to get dunked on by James sounds like a definite hoot.

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