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Zack Snyder Says Army of the Dead Is A Personal Movie Not Made By Committee

The second part of his quote will be worrying for die-hard zombie fans, though. Snyder’s debut feature, 2004’s Dawn of the Dead remake, was divisive because of its extremely fast zombies and action-centered approach, and it seems as though Snyder is veering from the standard slow, shuffling, Romero-style zombies here too.

Snyder tells TotalFilm that Army of the Dead is actually quite “intimate,” referring to his ability to work on his ideas without interference. In a nod to the difficulties he had working with Warner Bros. while making Justice League, Snyder says he made this movie without a “committee,” allowing him to see his vision through to the end. He also speaks about the zombies in Army of the Dead, calling them “evolved” and “semi-conscious,” though stopping short of giving them the ability to talk. You can read Snyder’s full comments, as well as the full new image, below:

I’ve tried to get at it in a super- intimate, personal way. It’s not made by committee. It’s definitely a movie that’s incredibly personal and singular. From the first conceptualizing of the movie, they were going to be these evolved zombies [that are] semi-conscious. We treat them kind of like wolves, sort of like a dog. They’re not necessarily fully realized and talk or anything. But they can organize.

Still, there’s now no doubt Army of the Dead is Snyder’s vision, allowing audiences to make up their minds about the quality of his vision without wondering which ideas were his or not. Hopefully for his die-hard fans, it will live up to their lofty expectations.

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