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Mission Impossible 7’s Director Still Hasn’t Seen The Movie’s Trailer

It’s understandable why fans are so eager to see a trailer for the film, as not only has McQuarrie continually dropped teases on social media, but the director revealed last year that Cruise will be performing stunts in the new sequels that will make his death-defying helicopter chase in Fallout “look like tinker toys.”

As McQuarrie and co. continue to apply the finishing touches to their next Mission: Impossible, the director took some time to engage with fans on Twitter. McQuarrie responded to one fan who asked if it’s difficult to not get repetitive with Ethan Hunt’s story by writing: “just you wait.” Following that tease, another fan commented by writing: “DROP THE TRAILER ALREADY.” However, judging by McQuarrie’s reply, he has not shifted his focus to a trailer just yet as he writes: “I promise to tell you the minute I see one myself.” Full tweet can be seen below:

That is a scary yet exciting thought, and it’s part of the reason why the franchise continues to get bigger with each passing film, as audiences want to see what Cruise will do next. Unfortunately, they will likely have to wait for a little a bit longer for a Mission: Impossible 7 trailer, at least until McQuarrie has seen one himself.

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