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Evil Dead 4 Starts Filming This Year Confirms Bruce Campbel

Campbell’s words should ease the fears Evil Dead fans may feel about the film’s production potentially getting delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Between vaccine rollouts, and the fact that the film is shooting in New Zealand (which has some of the lowest COVID cases in the world), Evil Dead Rise’s production start date is likely pretty safe.

Speaking to Knox News, Campbell revealed that Evil Dead Rise is set to begin filming later this year. Campbell, who serves as producer on the film, stated that he’ll be heading down to New Zealand for the shoot (which was where Ash vs. Evil Dead was also shot). While Campbell had to remain tight-lipped about the film’s plot, he did mention that “it’s out of the woods,” which falls in line with his previous statements about the film taking place in an urban setting.

While the lack of Ash Williams will disappoint some, a new, fresh take on the decades-old franchise will surely be interesting. We will continue to hear more about the film as Evil Dead Rise begins production later this year.

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