Power Rangers Dino Fury Takes Franchise Back to Its Roots

That dynamic staying the same in each Power Rangers project is also what allows new performers to come in and try their hand at playing the iconic Rangers. Even when the cast changes, there’s an element of familiarity there for viewers to enjoy, which keeps them tuning in again and again.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Perez discussed Power Rangers: Dino Fury, specifically the way it goes back to the franchise’s roots

I was just talking about this today. I had that exact question in my head, and I think something that’s really cool about past Power Rangers is I feel like the heart of the show hasn’t changed. Like you said, it incorporates friendship, it incorporates the environment, and just being good people and having those morals.
I think that Power Rangers should always stay true to that, and I think that our season does that really well. You can see the camaraderie, like in Mighty Morphin. You can see that friendship in them, as actors but also as their characters. We have that same thing here in our season, so I think that’s pretty special.

In that way, change is built into the DNA of the Power Rangers franchise, but not to its detriment. Instead, it keeps things fresh while still allowing new seasons like Power Rangers: Dino Fury to pay homage to its roots. Hopefully, that mindset continues in the other shared universe Power Rangers projects on the way.

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