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Justice League: Zack Snyder Reveals Surprise Epilogue Title & Details

Despite the film being several hours long, it seems it will maintain a steady pace throughout with the promise of frequent action sequences and dramatic moments across all seven chapters.

In an interview with Beyond the Trailer, Justice League director Zack Snyder has revealed that, despite previously announcing six parts for the film, there will be the seventh part.
The director described in the interview that “there’s an epilogue that’s called ‘A Father Twice Over’ and takes you to the end of the movie, that’s the big epilogue.” Snyder went on to confirm the newly-revealed epilogue will be “twenty minutes plus ten of credits after that.”
Some fans have voiced their concerns that a four-hour superhero epic would have pacing issues and slower elements, but it seems that isn’t the case as the former DC filmmaker revealed “they actually each have an action sequence, and the epilogue has its own little thing.”

The chapter title of “A Father Twice Over” has numerous possible implications for the conclusion of the film. With this being an epilogue it can naturally be assumed this takes place after the action and conflict of the film have been resolved, and will likely contain some major setup for the sequels that will never see the light-of-day.

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