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Zack Snyder Reacts To Justice League Leak on HBO Max

It’s sad to see that after all the work the director has put into finally finishing his vision for the superhero team, all the film’s secrets and surprises are out in the open before general audiences will have a chance to see it for themselves.

In an interview with Beyond the Trailer, Zack Snyder discussed his upcoming re-cut of Justice League and briefly responded to yesterday’s leak that made the film briefly available on HBO Max.
Host Grace Randolph opened the interview by addressing Snyder having had “quite the day,” saying there is “never a dull moment over there,” to which the director said they just need to “take it smooth:”

“We don’t like to just take it easy, take it smooth. There’s a new thing, but that’s cool.“

Randolph went on to describe Snyder’s leaks as “the coolest,” leading him to offer a calm but clearly disappointed response saying they’re “roll with the punches, I guess, as they say.”
While Snyder clearly kept calm on the issue in the interview by largely avoiding comment, it was obvious he was disappointed with what had happened and was simply getting on with the situation

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