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Billy Crudup Drops Out of The Flash Movie

In yet another edition of “What is happening with The Flash?”, this movie’s cast appears to be going through some substantial adjustments before filming even begins.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Maribel Verdu has signed on with Warner Bros. to play the role of Barry Allen’s mother, Nora, in 2022’s The Flash movie.
Additionally, Billy Crudup, who played Henry Allen in 2017’s Justice League, has exited his role for The Flash due to scheduling conflicts with Crudup’s other commitments like The Morning Show. It’s unclear whether the role will be recast for the upcoming solo movie

Billy Crudup played Henry Allen in a limited role in 2017’s Justice League, and it seems likely that he will return in some fashion in Zack Snyder’s Justice League when it debuts on HBO Max next week. It’s still unknown if he will be replaced by another actor in The Flash, but chances are high considering how important Barry Allen’s parents are in his story.

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