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Justice League Director Zack Snyder Admits He Makes ‘Difficult’ Movies on Purpose

The massive scale of the comic book fandom has always led to a spectrum of opinions regarding the major film releases. Even then, Snyder’s have always proven to be more divisive than most with many disliking his films, however, they do still have a large cult following.

Zack Snyder recently spoke with The New York Times, discussing the troubled production of Justice League, from the original cut in 2017 to his vision finally becoming a reality today. The director was asked his thoughts on the more positive reviews and financial success that recent DC films like Aquaman and Shazam! saw compared to his. To which the director explained it “doesn’t sting for me at all,” sharing his love for Batman V Superman as “the closest thing to a cult film” that can exist in pop culture:

“I couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t sting for me at all. Those movies are cool, and they’re really well-made and excellent. But “BvS,” love it or hate it, it’s probably the most mentioned movie in hashtags and references. It’s the closest thing to a cult film that could exist at this level of pop culture.

The director went on to share his desire to make movie’s that aren’t “nice and pretty for everybody” and are more “difficult,” describing himself as a bit of a provocateur

“Am I a provocateur? A little bit. Is my job to make some pop-culture piece of candy that you eat and forget about the next day? Nah. I would rather [expletive] you up in a movie than make it nice and pretty for everybody. Let’s be frank, there’s no cult of “Aquaman.” Jason is a force of nature, and by all means, I want there to be 100 “Aquaman” movies because he’s an awesome guy. But it’s not controversial. And I have purposely, because I love it, made the movies difficult.”

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