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Gal Gadot Releases New Wonder Woman 1984 Blooper Reel

It’s clear from these clips that the cast and crew of Wonder Woman 1984 had a lot of fun making the film. Kristen Wiig has some particularly funny moments in the reel, including one where she accidentally pulls out some hair from her Barbara Minerva wig and another in which she appears to accidentally scratch Gal Gadot while filming a fight scene.

In celebration of Wonder Woman 1984’s digital release, Gal Gadot shared a two-minute blooper reel on her Twitter account

Wiig is the one main cast member of WW84 whose return to the franchise seems very much up in the air. Gal Gadot (along with Patty Jenkins) has already been confirmed to be coming back for the upcoming third Wonder Woman movie, but based on the events of WW84 it’s unlikely that Chris Pine or Pedro Pascal will be in it.

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