Falcon and Winter Soldier: Director Reveals Why Iron Man’s Stark Industries Is Not Featured

Marvel Studios is no stranger to incorporating social and political themes into its projects. The Russo brothers recently admitted that the MCU films they directed were intended to “be influential in helping people make potentially better decisions.”

Malcom Spellman, head writer on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, recently spoke with Deadline about the upcoming series. When asked about how the pandemic-forced break in shooting may have changed the series, Spellman explained why the Blip (the MCU’s name for when everyone on Earth came back after being dusted for five years) felt like an appropriate event to form the plot around

Spellman was also asked if the show would explore the aftermath of Stark Industries after Tony Stark’s sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, and whether Pepper Potts was still in charge of the company. He replied “This particular series is so tangled into just the aftermath of The Blip. We don’t get there in it

The scenes taking place during The Blip in Endgame also ended up having some unintentional parallels to the COVID-19 pandemic which began a little under a year after the movie was released, and of course, Black Panther has some very resonant messages, particularly for those who are members of the Black community.

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