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Suicide Squad Director’s Cut Is Not Happening, Reveals Warner Bros. Chief

At this stage, it’s all but confirmed that David Ayer’s version of 2016’s Suicide Squad exists somewhere, with even the director admitting that his director’s cut of the film has improved story beats like the portrayal of Jared Leto’s Joker. Ayer has been candid about the fact that there was studio meddling involved during the creative process, thus dampening the final product that was released in theaters

WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff recently spoke with Variety to discuss the DCEU’s future, and one of the topics discussed was the possibility of seeing David Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad.
When asked if fans will ever get to see the director’s much-talked-about version of the 2016 film, Sarnoff confirmed that they have no plans of developing said project:

“We won’t be developing David Ayer’s cut

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