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WB Reportedly Diminished Ray Fisher’s Role & Pay Before Removal From ‘The Flash’ Movie!

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that before his removal from Warner Bros.’ The Flash, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher’s role in the film was reduced to a mere cameo. Warner Bros. framed Fisher’s shoot as only two weeks of work, and he was offered a small portion of what he would have originally been paid as well.
Before his exit, Fisher was set to play a supporting role as Victor Stone alongside Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. Fisher even revealed that he had a very positive call about the project with director Andy Muschietti in June 2020

After Fisher spoke out against Warner Bros. and Joss Whedon regarding the Justice League experience, the studio was said to have reduced his role in The Flash before removing him from the movie altogether.
During his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fisher said he wasn’t surprised about what happened, saying he “assumed there was no way these guys would allow me to do my job in peace:

“When I first spoke up, I assumed there was no way these guys would allow me to do my job in peace…I’m not so indebted to Hollywood that I haven’t been willing to put myself out there.”

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