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Marvel’s Eternals Director Wanted To ‘Investigate’ MCU’s Cosmic Gods on Earth

In a piece from The Los Angeles Times about Chloé Zhao, Marvel executive Nate Moore commented on how Zhao approaches her films. Calling her “an inquisitive person,” Moore revealed that she approaches the team without “a set of assumptions” about the work:

“She’s an inquisitive person about the world and about movies, and that’s why her movies work. She’s not coming with a set of assumptions…she’s trying to investigate it [the topic].”

As for how that translated to something like the Eternals, Moore continued

“It’s weird to say she wanted to investigate these cosmic gods who came to Earth in the ‘Eternals,’ but she did. What would that be like? She’s curious. And she questions everything.”

The piece also commented on how Zhao had been holed up in a Burbank Airbnb guesthouse for over a month, working seven days a week on Eternals. She could have easily stayed at a bigger or fancier place, but Zhao likes coziness. That modesty provides a great contrast against the work that she does.
The piece had a quote from Zhao commenting on this choice in living arrangements while working on the film, and how it’s nice having something cozy when “everything feels so big and expensive:”

“When you’re making a film and everything feels so big and expensive, it’s really nice to come home to a cave at night.”

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