Falcon and Winter Soldier Director Comments on Madripoor’s Future In Marvel Cinematic Universe

During an interview with Vanity Fair, within their Still Watching podcast, Kari Skogland was asked about the potential future of Madripoor and if such a fictional location with potential for more appearances requires a different level of conversation from within Marvel.

“I don’t think they’d ever have a conversation like that because they really look to how it sits within the story you’re telling. So, I don’t know whether they have future plans or not. I wouldn’t know.

Skogland then elaborated on how folks at Marvel work with her when making a location like Madripoor, instructing her to “make it the most evocative you can make it” above all else:

“…they only look at the immediate, and say ‘make it the best you can make it. Make it the most evocative you can make it. Put together something that we haven’t seen before, that’s pulled from the comics, but isn’t duplicating what the comics are doing, but improving it.’ But then if we’re lucky enough, and we’ve ‘dazzled,’ then they would probably use it again. I don’t know.”

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