Avengers: Endgame Composer Reveals Alternate Versions of Portals Scene Music

Speaking on The Empire Film Podcast about his career as a composer, Alan Silvestri was asked about the process of composing the “Portals” track from Avengers: Endgame.
Silvestri noted that this track had “a very evolutionary path,” that he and the filmmakers knew that this sequence was all about “getting the team back together,” and the score had to reflect that

“Portals had a very evolutionary path. There were things that were tried and then when the filmmakers wanted to go in different directions, they always knew this is based on me hearing the filmmakers talk about that sequence. They always knew that this had to be something really special, and it had to really capture this amazing feeling in the film. This was getting the team back together, this is what the whole thing was about the whole Avengers event.”“So, things were tried, and then we wound up actually getting, quite a ways down the road, and I believe it was our music editor, Steve Durkee, who put a mock-up of something I had done early on into the opening of that sequence, where the Wakandans are coming out, and Cap ‘all is lost’ and he’s getting this transmission, and we all knew it when we saw it, that that’s what has to happen here, and then I just started constructing that whole sequence, and it kinda did itself.”“We had all kinds of versions that I had prepared for the orchestra, we had all the French horns playing, you know, the ‘Portals’ [mimics French horns] and then we had choirs singing it, and all this, and then it’s like ‘Wait a second, there’s this other version, it’s a solo trumpet. Here’s that solo trumpet thing again,’ right? And it’s like completely the opposite direction, we have this amazing reveal from the mist of hope and the Wakandans coming to save the day, and it’s a solo trumpet.”“You look at the portals as a construct, it just builds and builds, and the keys changing, and the orchestration is building and we kinda, up to that moment, where Cap says ‘Avengers’ and then, of course, we’re not going near the next line, he gets that all on his own.”

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