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Thor: Love & Thunder May Not Bring Back Kat Dennings’ Darcy

Love and Thunder promises to have a lot of exciting things going for it. Chris Hemsworth will once again play the titular God of Thunder, and it reportedly won’t even be his final Marvel film. Additionally, Tessa Thompson and Waititi will reprise their Ragnarok roles.

While talking to ET about WandaVision (which, unsurprisingly, she couldn’t say much about), Dennings touched upon a potential appearance in Love and Thunder. When asked if there had been any updates since she last discussed the film, Dennings said with a laugh, “No, still no idea!” She then went on to share she doesn’t think Darcy will have a part in Love and Thunder. Dennings said, “I don’t think I’m in it. I feel like I would have heard by now. So literally my answer is I have no idea, I have even less an idea than I had before.”

It’s a shame Darcy won’t get to interact with this next generation of Thor characters, but at least fans will see her once more in WandaVision when it premieres later this year. Plus, who knows what the future holds? Anything can happen in the MCU.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Director Admits Fan Support Could Help Bring Characters Back in Future

It is no secret that Han Solo is a fan-favorite character from the Star Wars franchise, and it’s safe to say that the character has a bright future ahead thanks to the recent comments of Ron Howard. The interest to continue Solo’s story isn’t surprising since the film left a massive cliffhanger that left fans curious about what comes next.

As reported by Star Wars Net, Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard spoke with the Lights, Camera, Barstool movie podcast to open up about the 2018 anthology film. Howard shared that there are currently “no rumblings” about a potential sequel, but the director did admit that there is “interest in those characters:”

“No rumblings, though, and this is not a spoiler or anything, but I think there is interest in those characters. I think there’s interest in the gangster world somewhere down the line. But I can assure you there is nothing being developed right now for a movie or Disney Plus. But, one great thing is there has been a lot of affection shown for Solo, and so of course that keeps boding well for them to eventually turn it around.”

Meanwhile, the report also pointed out a tweet from Solo screenwriter Jon Kasdan about a deleted scene from the anthology film, fueling speculations that a potential sequel might happen:

Still, it’s refreshing to hear Howard’s optimism about the future of the character, especially after his previous (and firm) comments about Solo not getting a sequel. The story possibilities for Solo are endless, and it certainly has plot potential for it to be explored in a potential Disney+ series if the stars align.

No Time To Die’s New 007 Replacement Confirmed by Star

Regardless of that, it’s exciting to see that No Time To Die will be a Bond movie where the secret agent not only has to deal with a supervillain but also a fellow agent who is just as capable as him, and is perhaps out to prove that she’s a better version of 007 than he ever was. Hopefully Lynch does the character justice, and it sounds like she will, based on her comments saying how seriously she takes the responsibility.

A new interview in Harper’s Bazaar confirms that Lynch will play the new 007, saying that Nomi has replaced James Bond in the in-film universe following his retirement from active service. Lynch also took the opportunity to confirm the fact by talking about the responsibility of taking on the role. She adds that while the attacks on her from social media and other online outlets hurt, seeing her delete social media for a while, she also understands the attacks weren’t personal and that her taking on the mantle of 007, as a black woman, is about something bigger than one person. You can see her full comments below:

I am one Black woman – if it were another Black woman cast in the role, it would have been the same conversation, she would have got the same attacks, the same abuse. I just have to remind myself that the conversation is happening and that I’m a part of something that will be very, very revolutionary.

Warner Bros. Reportedly Considering PVOD, Delay Options For Wonder Woman 84 Release !

2020 has certainly not been kind to just about every layer of the movie industry. Studios haven’t been able to release their films, cast and crew have had to work under strict COVID-19 protection guidelines and cinemas are hemorrhaging money due to shutdowns.

Deadline is reporting that their exhibition sources say Warner Bros. have been considering a shortened theatrical window (roughly three weeks) for Wonder Woman 1984 before putting it on video-on-demand platforms. However, Deadline’s studio insiders have refuted that claim, saying that the plan is still for the movie to experience a full run in theaters with a release on December 25, 2020 or later

Indeed, until a vaccine is available, this is just how things have to be. For fans, this means more time away from their favorite characters and stories. It’s an unfortunate state of affairs.

Resident Evil Movie Reboot Casts Gotham’s Donal Logue

Chief Irons’ role in the Resident Evil reboot is still unclear. However, he will likely play a significant part in the film, especially since the reboot will take place in Raccoon City. That being said, while a lot remains unknown about the reboot, the few details that have been released so far are extremely promising. What’s more, Roberts has been slowly building out a strong cast. As a result, with stars like Scodelario, Kamen, and Logue all on board, it seems that the Resident Evil reboot is ready to take the world by storm.

Deadline reports that Logue has joined the Resident Evil cast. Logue portrayed Harvey Bullock on Fox’s Gotham for years. Now, Logue will once again play a law enforcement official, as he takes on the role of Brian Irons, Raccoon City’s Chief of Police.

Despite his role as a Raccoon City police officer, Chief Irons is far from an upstanding citizen. In fact, Irons is known for his corrupt nature and has taken multiple bribes, including ones from Umbrella U.S.A. After suffering a breakdown in the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, Irons starts murdering people in cold blood. To that end, it’s somewhat ironic that Logue will now portray Chief Irons

John Boyega Reveals Disney Contacted Him After His Criticism About the Sequel Trilogy

Whether or not Boyega will return to that galaxy far, far away is yet to be seen. But from what we can tell from these comments, that doesn’t seem to be his focus right now.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Boyega shared that Disney contacted him following the publication of his comments about his criticism for the latest Star Wars trilogy.

According to Boyega, there was a “transparent” exchange between Disney and the Star Wars actor:

It was a very honest, a very transparent conversation. There was a lot of explaining on their end in terms of the way they saw things. They gave me a chance also to explain what my experience was like.

This sounds like Disney wanted Boyega to know their point of view and perhaps the reasons behind their decisions. But it also sounds like they were interested in hearing Boyega’s side and in understanding how their decisions impacted his experience:

I’d hope that me being so open with my career, at this stage, would help the next man, the guy that wants to be the assistant DOP, the guy that wants to be a producer. I hope that the conversation is not such a taboo or elephant in the room now, because someone just came and said it.

It also shows us that Boyega’s openness pushed Disney to address the issue; and even though The Rise of Skywalker and the Skywalker Saga is complete, Disney won’t be able to ignore these issues in their future projects.