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Andor Reportedly Continues Filming on Large Production Set

It’s good to know that filming for Andor is going well in London, especially after the report that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had to temporarily halt filming due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country. Given that, it’s safe to say that stricter health protocols are enforced within the confines of Andor’s location, meaning that the cast and crew are very much cautious to not contract the virus.

Bespin Bulletin shared that Andor already resumed filming at Pinewood Studios in London. The outlet also revealed that the Disney+ series was shooting scenes in another location in the United Kingdom and it was pointed out that the set that is being used is “pretty darn big.”

Andor is one of the unique entries of Star Wars in terms of tone and story since it will give fans an opportunity to learn more about the Rebellion before Luke Skywalker’s triumphant arrival in the scene. It’s also no secret that Andor is set within the Empire’s reign of terror in the galaxy, and there’s a strong chance that Cassian will have numerous battles with them throughout the show’s recently-confirmed 12-episode run.

Marvel CCO Explains How The Mandalorian Has Impacted the MCU

When Kevin Feige speaks, he has something to say, and that was certainly the case in this press conference. From his comments, it sounds like The Mandalorian’s Stage Craft will be utilized in upcoming MCU projects, especially as the entertainment industry continues to navigate the COVID-19 landscape.

During the press conference as recorded by Comicbook.com, moderator Jaleel White questioned Marvel Studios president and WandaVision producer Kevin Feige about if he applied anything in the making of Star Wars’ The Mandalorian to the MCU’s WandaVision.
Feige responded by saying,

“…we were all underway long before we saw ‘The Mandalorian’… There is lots and lots of ‘The Mandalorian’ that has inspired us at Marvel Studios, not the least of which is the Stage Craft that we’re using on some upcoming projects…”

WandaVision was officially announced by Disney in April 2019, several months before the launch of Disney+ and the release of The Mandalorian. Back then, both series were somewhat of a gamble as no one knew how big of a success both The Mandalorian was going to be or how revolutionary Stage Craft would prove to be.
In regard to the marketing and significance of The Mandalorian’s storytelling, Feige continued saying,

“It was amazing to see the marketing job Disney did in event-izing that… These projects on Disney+ are as important as the projects going into theaters… They certainly showed they can do that on Disney+ with Mandalorian.”

Ever since Warner Bros. announced the studio was releasing their 2021 theatrical slate on HBO Max, the conversation has centered on whether other studios would follow suit. During Disney’s Investor Day event, Disney was intentional in communicating a number of their films would still have theatrical releases; but at the same time, they unveiled a staggering lineup of Disney+ series from their biggest franchises including Star Wars and Marvel.
Feige saying, “These projects on Disney+ are as important as the projects going into theaters” not only indicates series like WandaVision are integral to Phase 4, but also that theaters are not needed to tell those stories.

Lastly, Feige praised The Mandalorian’s release schedule that differs from series on streaming services saying, “The fun week to week, the discussion, sometimes series drop all at once on the streaming services, Disney+ I think was very smart to drop weekly…” He also credited fan discussion and that weekly conversation in building anticipation and looks forward to the same with WandaVision.

But his statement about Disney+ projects being as important as projects going to theaters tells us WandaVision, and the slate of other MCU series coming to Disney+, are integral to the story of Phase 4; and for the first time in the history of the MCU, you won’t have to go to a theater to see the next installment.

Paul Bettany Really Wants To Play His Han Solo Villain on a TV Show

Dryden Vos is certainly a character that didn’t get his proper due. Last time we saw him was as he fell limp on the floor, dying to the hands of Qi’ra at the end of the film. With a performer like Paul Bettany behind the character, getting more time with the character could only be a good thing–especially if Bettany himself wants to do it.

In an interview with Jake’s Take, Paul Bettany addressed the future of Dryden Vos, his character from Solo: A Star Wars Story, and where’d he’d like to see the character go.
After being asked if there are any other cinematic characters of his that he’d love to see fleshed out on a weekly episodic basis, Bettany was quick to respond with Dryden Vos–the public face of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate.

“I would love to mess around with Dryden Voss…I love that idea.”

A return for Dryden Vos certainly isn’t out of question, seeing as a Darth Maul focused story has been rumored for quite some time now. The show could take place within the same time frame as Solo, and focus on both Maul and Qi’ra. Even if the supposed series takes place after the film, flashbacks to Qi’ra’s beginnings with the Crimson Dawn is all but a given – flashbacks that would more than likely include Dryden Vos.

Marvel’s Loki Creator Joins Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie

No doubt, Waldron’s involvement should serve as a piece of good news for both Star Wars and MCU fans. The addition of the veteran Loki scribe essentially means that Feige is confident about the vision and skills of Waldron, which bodes well for the aforementioned Disney+ series and the upcoming space epic.Deadline reports that Loki head writer and creator Michael Waldron has been tapped to write a new Star Wars feature film that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will produce and develop for Disney and Lucasfilm.
The outlet also pointed out that his inclusion in the upcoming movie is “part of an unprecedented overall deal Waldron has signed with the studios that Disney has rarely given in recent years.”No doubt, Waldron’s involvement should serve as a piece of good news for both Star Wars and MCU fans. The addition of the veteran Loki scribe essentially means that Feige is confident about the vision and skills of Waldron, which bodes well for the aforementioned Disney+ series and the upcoming space epic.

Robert Downey Jr. Rumored For Star Wars Appearance Talks

Even though Tony Stark’s Iron Man story is seemingly complete, that doesn’t necessarily mean the same can be said for Downey’s story in the world of film franchises. Jon Favreau has made a seamless transition from MCU to Lucasfilm; and since both Downey and Favreau worked together in the early days of the MCU, it wouldn’t be a stretch for Downey to follow suit and possibly play a role in the early days of the new direction we’re seeing from Star Wars.

In a tweet by Noah Outlaw from Kessel Run Transmissions that has since been deleted, Outlaw echoed rumors about discussions between Lucasfilm and Robert Downey Jr. However, Outlaw claims Downey wouldn’t be playing Thrawn, as many had speculated

The rumors about Downey playing Thrawn were due to the fact the character was referenced in Season 2 of The Mandalorian and possibility being set up as a significant character in the future of the series.

Star Wars Writer Reveals Matthew McConaughey as Main Inspiration For New Character

It’s been a long time coming for The High Republic. The publishing initiative, once known as “Project Luminous” in a time that now feels so distant, is upon us, and we’re on the brink of being introduced to countless new characters who will make their unique mark on the Star Wars universe.

During the Star Wars: The High Republic Launch Event, author Claudia Gray revealed that a new pilot in her novel Into the Dark was inspired by actor Matthew McConaughey.
Gray explained that she didn’t want to have a knock-off version of Han Solo piloting the novel’s vessel.

“I didn’t want to do somebody that was gonna be just like Han Solo. And I definitely didn’t want to Diet Han Solo. He’s kind of a rogue, but he’s a less interesting.

The author wanted to find the right template for this character, Leox Gyasi, and landed on inspiration from McConaughey in his early career:

“So what is a template for a pilot who has some of this scoundrel energy and isn’t Han Solo at all? And somehow my brain was like, ‘you need to give 1990s Matthew McConaughey a spaceship and see what would happen’.”

There have been many takes on the “rogue pilot” trope in Star Wars since Han Solo broke new mold in the Original Trilogy, but ’90s Matthew McConaughey being an inspiration is certainly an original idea. The actor was known as the young “cool dude” of that era, and the look combined with influence from his performances in films like Dazed and Confused should make for an interesting character, though Leox likely won’t be encountering any outer space bookshelves like McConaughey did in Interstellar.